Exclusive Designs

As part of our new year and the reflections that the last year as bought us , we have decided to create an Exclusive to ‘All about the Jewels’ jewellery line with the soul intention to build on the sustainable essence of our brand. 

Although our items are responsibly sourced through auction houses and antique markets, we wanted to give you the option to own a piece which was directly curated by us. 

Our exclusive lines are made in house by us. So what is our process? 

Well firstly,  we use all vintage original pieces to upcycle and regenerate another design from. For example; the bales (also known as loops) which sit on our charms have been taken from other designs and repurposed.

All of the vintage findings and resources we use are heavily gold & silver plated - although we design these pieces from pre-established items , we never falter on quality with no exceptions. 

All of our Exclusive designs are Limited in quantity due to the resources we have available to curate them. So when you purchase one of our exclusive items you can be safe in the knowledge that this piece has been hand picked , beautifully designed and intricately worked on - to bring it directly to you .


Red heart pendant