Dear 2021

Dear 2021 


We started 2020 the same as we always do , full of hope and  optimism  . It was the year to end all years. The first year of a decade that everyone will remember  - the year that stole lives, family members , careers, buisness and communities . The year that took our most precious and fundamental needs and scurried them away in the night. 


Our need for comfort and interaction as humans, to be close to another person and find support among family. Like a petty little thief it has seen us closed in and scared and confined to the walls of our houses  - condemned to wait and see if tomorrow is better. 


It has stolen our basic privilege of making an honest living to support our families and it has given our children fear. 


But through it all, we have survived. Through the losses and the stress and the emotional turmoil we are still here. For that i am thank full. 


With all that happened throughout 2020 with all of the financial & emotional struggles that occured. The deepening sadness that fell over the world from the threat of COVID-19 and the daunting unclear path that lays ahead - Please be kinder and remember we as a nation need hope. We need to stay and stand together , strong and united , working together  - helping each other And with a little faith perhaps 2021 you will be a better year. 


Yours faithfully 


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